Video-Enhanced Learning for the iPhone, iPad, Mac & More

As an educational filmmaker, John Pritchard, has created a video-enhanced learning experience for his documentary films that he calls, Movie-in-a-Book™. He uses Apple's incredible iBooks Author multimedia software to combine video clips and still images with text to publish an "Enhanced" iBook that can be read on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. Each Movie-in-a-Book™ is also available on the Amazon Kindle platform and as an online download for anyone with a web connection (Mac, PC, or Android smart phone). Pritchard does this by exporting each Movie-in-a-Book™ as a PDF file with links to the video clips that are hosted on a special web page. This also allows the Movie-in-a-Book™ video clips to be accessible in print.

To learn more about iBooks Author, check out Bradley Metrock's free iBook "Celebrating Five Years of iBooks Author." Bradley runs the annual iBooks Author Conference in Nashville, TN.


One of the biggest challenges for having a lot of video in an iBook is the large size of the final product that people download into their iBooks library. Pritchard's first Movie-in-a-Book™ for his REAWAKEN film in 2012 was over 600 mb. It contains 33 video clips created from his 50 minute movie. His customer feedback revealed that several hundred megabytes for an iBook is just too big for customers to keep on an iPad or iPhone. His most recent Movie-in-a-Book™, HELP CREATE A KINDER WORLD, features 13 video clips from his ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT film but is only 36 mb in size due to an amazing third-party HTML5 video widget created by Bookry. What is so cool about the Bookry widget is that you can stream YouTube videos right into the Movie-in-a-Book™ page so the final size of the iBook stays small and does not contain the actual video files.

See Pritchard's Movie-in-a-Book™ projects below along with three enhanced iBooks he produced for other authors.

is a Movie-in-a-Book™ featuring the indigenous wisdom of the ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT movie. The movie inspires us all to be more humane and take better care of each other and take better care of the Earth. This is the essence of indigenous wisdom around the world. We are all connected. We are all related. We are one human family. Available on the iBookStore for free.

HELP CREATE A KINDER WORLD is also available as a video-driven course at iTunes University in the Indigenous Studies section: Your Guide to Indigenous Wisdom. Download the iTunes U app here.

REAWAKEN is an inspirational movie about tapping into your spiritual genius: unconditional love. This REAWAKEN Movie-in-a-Book™ is not only an industry first-of-its-kind to feature an entire movie in an iBook, but more importantly, to provide an enhanced audio-video guide to help you focus on your inner well-being. It is a one-of-a-kind, multimedia spiritual learning experience. Available on the iBookStore for $9.99.

REAWAKEN: Share Your Spiritual Genius (2012) - Featuring 33 video clips from the REAWAKEN movie.

Since 1986, the BRAINPOWER TENNIS Course by Victor Tantalo has been taught at colleges and universities and used by thousands of players and teaching professionals around the world. It is a revolutionary advance in tennis education for players at all levels. Available on the iBookStore for $9.99

BrainPower Tennis - 500 VIsual Ways to Better Tennis (2012) - Featuring video and illustrations.

SOULSCAPES by Ron Mercier
is a celebration of the imagination that features eight short stories and eight poems with each one connected to a colorful Mandala/Medicine Wheel painted by the author. Ron is an inspiring writer/artist/teacher who provides video commentary on each story, poem, and Mandala. Available on the iBookStore for $9.99.

SoulScapes - Imagination: Soul's Bridge to Spirit (2012) - Featuring over 90 minutes of video.

THE LONG NORWEGIAN NIGHT: A WWII Resistance Fighter's Life In Nazi Camps by Kaare A. Bolgen (2013) - Featuring video and original artwork from inside the Nazi concentration camps. Available on the iBookStore for $9.99.

The Long Norwegian Night Synopsis: O.M. Magnussen of the WWII Norwegian resistance is picked up by the Gestapo (the Nazis took over Norway in 1940) in '41 and endures three prisons and two concentration camps. He secretly records prison life in notes and drawings, smuggled out after his release in '45, which he expands into the narrative, Vi Ventet (We Are Waiting) under his prison name. In 2005, an English interpretation of the narrative entitled The Long Norwegian Night by Kaare Bolgen, a childhood friend of Magnussen's, is found in Mr. Bolgen's papers after his death (Bolgen emigrated to the U.S. in the 1930s). His account traces the physical and psychological levels of Magnussen's survival and meticulously observes the senseless routines and atrocities of the S.S. and prison administrations. Techniques on when to adapt or work the system to the prisoners' advantage are reported, occasionally with humor, but always committed to not giving up.